Rainbow Europe Map and Index, May 2012

ILGA-Europe Rainbow Map reflects the national legal human rights situation of LGBTI people in a simple format. The Rainbow Map ranks all European countries according to their legislation and administrative practices that have direct impact on the human rights situation of LGBTI people.

ILGA-Europe Rainbow Map rates each European country’s laws and administrative practices according to 42 categories and ranks them on a scale between 30 (highest score: respect of human rights and full legal equality of LGBT people) and -12 (lowest score: gross violations of human rights and discrimination of LGBT people).

42 categories cover a wide spectrum of legislation and administrative practices in the areas of

  • asylum (explicit reference to sexual orientation as a ground on which it is legitimate to claim asylum)
  • equality and non-discrimination (explicit references to sexual, orientation, gender identity and intersex people)
  • bias motivated speech/crime (explicit reference to sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex people in legislation dealing with hate speech/crime)
  • family (different forms of recognition of same-sex partnerships, parenting entitlements and ability for trans people to legally marry a person of the other gender)
  • freedom of association, assembly and expression (obstruction/no obstruction from the States on the exercise of these freedom, new laws banning ‘homosexual propaganda’)
  • legal gender recognition (availability of procedures for legal gender recognitions and a number of discriminatory requirements)

Download Rainbow Europe Map May 2012 here (side A, A3 size)

Download Rainbow Europe Index May 2012 here (side B, A3 size)

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