Rainbow Europe

Find here the latest Rainbow Europe Package - Annual Review and Rainbow Europe Map.

The Rainbow Europe package consists of two major documents:

  • Rainbow Europe Map reflecting the 49 European countries’ legislation and policies that have a direct impact on the enjoyment of human rights by LGBTI people. The Rainbow Map reflects each country’s situation and provides overall score on how far this country is on a scale between 0% and 100%.
  • ILGA-Europe Annual Review of the Human Rights Situation of LGBTI People in Europe provides insights into the political and social developments and thus complements the more legally oriented Rainbow Europe Map with a feeling of what an everyday life and environment for LGBTI people is in different European countries.

View here a short introduction video about the Rainbow Package


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How to read the map and index?


Download also the in-depth explanatory document here


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Country Score Sheets

Find here score sheets for countries and for the European Union

Country overview - ranking and difference from 2013

Find here a table where you can easily find out why


Find here endorsements from top European politicians and officials

Rainbow Europe Package 2013

Find here the Rainbow Europe Package 2013

Annual Review 2011

Find information and download the Annual Review of the Human Rights Situation of LGBTI People in Europe 2011 here.

Rainbow Europe Map and Index, May 2012

ILGA-Europe Rainbow Map reflects the national legal human rights situation of LGBTI people in a simple format. The Rainbow Map ranks all European countries according to their legislation and administrative practices that have direct impact on the human rights situation of LGBTI people.

Rainbow Europe Map and Index (updated in January 2012)

Published on 17 May - the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. The Rainbow Europe Map and Index is a tool to see how European countries are doing when it comes to recognising the human rights of LGBT people.

Rainbow Europe Map and Country Index (May 2010)

Updated Rainbow Europe Map, originally launched in July 2009, now contains a Country Index.

ILGA-Europe map on legal situation for LGB people in Europe (July 2009)

Prior to OutGames and its International Human Rights Conference in Copenhagen in the end of this month where ILGA-Europe take part, we published a map of Europe reflecting the legal situation for lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

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