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Joining forces to combat homophobic and transphobic hate crime. Cooperation between police forces and LGBT organisations in Europe (September 2010)

This publication is the result of a research conducted in 2009-2010, in the frame of a project supported by the Dutch government. ILGA-Europe believes that this publication will provide law enforcement authorities and LGBT organisations across Europe with a set of useful suggestions and methodological tools to develop and strengthen joint actions to fight hate crime more efficiently.


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Download the table within the publication in LARGE PRINT here.

Rainbow Europe Map and Country Index (May 2010)

Updated Rainbow Europe Map, originally launched in July 2009, now contains a Country Index.

The situation of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people in the Russian Federation 2008 (translated in 2010)

This report for the first time presents a comprehensive overview of the legal situation of LGBT people in Russia and gives a thorough account of human rights violations for 2008. The report has been written by the Russian LGBT Network in partnership with the Moscow Helsinki Group and ILGA-Europe.

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Transgender people and the Gender Recast Directive - Implementation Guidelines (December 2009)

The aim of these Guidelines is to provide an introduction to the content of the Gender Recast Directive and an overview of the jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice, and their relevance for trans people living in the European Union. These Guidelines are also designed to give guidance on how to improve the implementation of the Gender Recast Directive vis-a-vis gender identity, and to ensure equality for all trans people in the countries where the Directive is applicable.

Download the publication in LARGE PRINT here.

Two posters on the rights of trans people (December 2009)

ILGA-Europe has produced two posters focusing on the rights of transgender people.

  • Discrimination against transsexual employees is illegal
  • Transgender people are not mentally ill

ILGA-Europe map on legal situation for LGB people in Europe (July 2009)

Prior to OutGames and its International Human Rights Conference in Copenhagen in the end of this month where ILGA-Europe take part, we published a map of Europe reflecting the legal situation for lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

Forced Out: LGBT People in Armenia (February 2009)

LGBT people in Armenia suffer from a high level of hostility, discrimination, social exclusion, hate crimes and violence. Homophobia is deeply rooted in the Armenian society. Stigmatisation is so pervasive that most LGBT people are forced out of communities and deprived of any chance to openly express their sexual orientation or gender identity. And yet they are forced to come out and organise into associations and groups if the want to be able to stand up for who they are.

The joint ILGA-Europe and COC report is the first of its kind to be published about same-sex relationships and LGBT people in Armenia. It explores identities, common human rights violations, the landscape of LGBT organising, health and HIV/AIDS, and relevant legal aspects. It also provides recommendations to the Armenian government, donors, LGBT activists and international organisations.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Families and the Free Movement Directive: Implementation Guidelines (January 2009)

These guidelines provide an introduction to the Directive on the right to free movement, an explanation of those provisions relevant to LGBT families, an overview of the transposition process, and an analysis of the impact of the Directive when applied to LGBT families. They are designed to assist organisations in monitoring national law in order to ensure that LGBT families enjoy the fullest protection in accordance with the Directive.

The Guidelines were originally written for ILGA-Europe by Mark Bell and published by in October 2005, this edition of the Guidelines was edited and updated by Matteo Bonini Baraldi.

Report of the joint ILGA-Europe/IGLYO AGE Project 'Intergenerational Dialogue with(in) the LGBT Community' (December 2008)

This report is the final outcome of the Age Project in which the findings – in particular the outcomes of the two round tables and therefore the contributions made by participants – are presented. Thus, the goal of this report is not to make concrete policy recommendations but instead to depict where we currently stand, which issues need to be addressed and how these issues may be best tackled. As with all projects which shed light on the need for further research, a secondary, but nevertheless important goal of this report is to stimulate thought with regard to continuing the work that has begun.

The Rights of Children Raised in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender Families: A European Perspective (December 2008)

This report documents the existing framework of legal protection of the rights of children in LGBT families at European level, analyses the many gaps in their protection, and makes recommendations for addressing these.

Handbook on monitoring and reporting homophobic and transphobic incidents (August 2008)

This handbook is designed for LGBT and human rights organisations who intend to monitor the occurrence of homophobic and transphobic incidents and violence in order to advocate for legislative changes to increase legal protections from violence motivated by hatred towards LGBT people at national, European and international levels.

Transgender EuroStudy: Legal Survey and Focus on the Transgender Experience of Health Care (April 2008)

This report is an analysis and summary of the results obtained and it details the barriers that trans people face when accessing health care. The work undertaken is certainly the largest and most comprehensive data collection on trans people’s lived experience to date. One can never claim that research data is entirely representative of a community; even less so when the community being studied consists of many small sub-communities, as is the case with trans people. However, as is detailed in the data analysis section of this report, the statistics we have on the profile of respondents do generally match data of the population of Europe (e.g. the percentage of those with a disability).

Anti-discrimination poster (January, 2008)

The poster provides examples of discrimination LGB people face in Europe because of the lack of legal protection and calls on the European and national authorities to support and adopt the anti-discrimination directive. Read more about the campaign here.

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