ILGA-Europe’s Memorandum to the Cypriot Presidency of the European Union, July-December 2012


In July 2012, Cyprus took over the Presidency of the European Union. Read ILGA-Europe’s 4 key priorities for the Cypriot Presidency and download the whole Memorandum here.

ILGA-Europe’s 4 key priorities for the Cypriot Presidency:

1. The Multiannual Financial Framework Programme (MFF) should ensure that the EU’s funding programmes for equality and anti-discrimination is maintained.

2. Place progress towards the adoption of the Horizontal Anti-Discrimination Directive as a high priority, and clearly include LGBT people’s concerns in the Equality Summit’s agenda.

3. Take leadership in matters of justice and home affairs, freedom of movement and mutual recognition of citizen’s civil statuses, the adoption of asylum legislation, and legislation addressing hatred and violence.

4. Stand firm on the need of accession countries to respect their duties on the ground of sexual orientation and their need to adopt the necessary legislation according to the acquis.


Download the whole Memorandum here

Read more about the Cypriot Presidency here

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