Rainbow Europe

Find here the latest Rainbow Europe Package - Annual Review and Rainbow Europe Map.

ILGA-Europe Rainbow Digest - electronic newsletter

The Rainbow Digest is ILGA-Europe's monthly electronic newsletter on LGBTI law, politics and movement.

Destination>>EQUALITY - magazine

In this section you will find all previous ILGA-Europe's printed magazines.

Reports and other materials

In this section you will find all our past and the most recent publications in electronic format.

Some of these publications are also available in print and if you would like to order them, please complete this online publications order form.

Policy papers

This section contains a broad selection of ILGA-Europe's policy papers.

The Equality Pod

ILGA-Europe's bi-monthly podcast, giving a louder voice to the struggle for LGBTI equality across Europe and beyond.

ILGA-Europe Glossary

This glossary will help you through the world of special terms and abbreviations that ILGA-Europe uses in its daily work. You can find out what we mean, when we say or write: LGBTI, hate crime, The European Commission, biphobia heteronormativity, Council of Europe, intersex, capacity development ect.

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