Flash mob on Karimov and Uzbekistan outside the European Commission, Brussels, 24 January 2011

ILGA-Europe joined the flash mob coordinated by other human rights NGOs such as OSI, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International in order to protest on the occasion of a meeting between President Barroso of the European Commission and the President Karimov of Uzbekistan.

There is no political opposition in Uzbekistan as opponents are either in jail or abroad, civil society operates in the underground and anyone challenging the government even in very trivial ways is imprisoned in appalling conditions either on trumped up drug charges or else for homosexuality which remains a criminal offence. Uzbekistan's record on human rights one of, if not, the worst of all former Soviet countries.

It is Karimov’s first visit to Brussels since the Andijan massacres in 2005 after which the EU imposed travel bans on Uzbek officials which they lifted in 2007.

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