Rainbow Buzz in the Heart of the EU - 17 May 2010

Find pictures from the ILGA-Europe IDAHO event here.

Baltic Pride 2010

8 May 2010, ILGA-Europe took part in Baltic Pride 2010. The city authorities tried to ban the pride march, but the day before the Lithuanian court decided to upheld the permission. The march was a success, the police were acting very professional and kept the many counter demonstrators away.

Demonstration in Moldova, 29 April 2010

The flashmob took place outside the Mayor's office in Chisinau. Maxim Anmeghichean, Programmes Director ILGA-Europe, took part in the peaceful demonstration.

Public hearing at the European Parliament on Freedom of Espression and assembly - Lithuania

On 29th April 2010, the European Parliament Intergroup on LGBT rights convened a public hearing where Communications Manager, Juris Lavrikovs, was invited to be a part of the panel.

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