Annual Conference 2009 - 28 October and 1 November in Malta

ILGA-Europe Board and staff met the Maltese President

Tuesday the 27th of October, ILGA-Europe Board and staff met the President of Malta, Dr. George Abela.

Trans Right Conference

ILGA-Europe and Trangender Europe held a joint conference on the 28th October 2009 , which also included a social programme in the evening with a performance and an opening of an exhibition.

Press Conference

ILGA-Europe and MGRM held a press conference Wednesday the 28th of October 2009. In the panel were: Martin K.I. Christensen Co-Chair ILGA-Europe, Linda Freimane Co-Chair ILGA-Europe, Juris Lavrikovs Communications Manager ILGA-Europe, Gabi Calleja and Bernard Muscat from MGRM.

Day 1 - Wednesday the 28th of October

Pictures from the first plenary and panel.

Day 2 - Friday the 29th of October

See the pictures from the second panel with Vladimir Luxuria and Juris Calitis and the second plenary, where candidates for the ILGA-Europe Board were presenting themselves before the election.

Day 3 - Saturday the 30th of October

Pictures of speeches from the Deputy Mayor from The Hague, Frits Huffnagel; ILGA World Board Representatives, Ruth Baldacchino and Soren Juvas; the presentations of Turin and Warsaw; and finally Alecos Modinos, Gay activist from Cyprus, awarded at Annual Conference 2009.

Day 4 - Sunday the 1th of November

Day 4 was the last day of the conference, and also the big voting day

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