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Russia: Shrinking the space and increasing the stigma

ILGA-Europe is very dismayed to learn that one of its member organisations has become the first LGBTI group to be listed as a so-called ‘foreign agent’ under Russia’s notorious legislation. Rakurs, an Archangelsk-based organisation dedicated to LGBTI rights, was recognised as a ‘foreign agent’ by the Russian Ministry of Justice on Monday (15 December 2014).


ILGA-Europe Seminar: Stepping Up the Fight Against Hate Crimes

On 10 December 2014, over 50 representatives from LGBTI organisations from across the EU, national governments, European institutions, civil society and the academic world gathered in Brussels to discuss how to step up the fight against hate crimes.


Human Rights Day 2014: human rights matter 365 days a year

Human rights matter everyday. In the week around the 10 December, Human Rights Day, ILGA-Europe posted a Vine video explaining why human rights matter 365 days of the year. We focused on five different issues: discrimination in education, violations against trans people, violence against LGBTI people, discrimination at workplace and the legal struggle for LGBTI families.


EU equal treatment law: time for Member States to act!

Joint statement: As EU Member States’ representatives prepare for 11 December’s EPSCO Council, organisations representing millions of EU citizens at risk of discrimination, including women, persons with disabilities, younger and older people, LGBTI persons, members of ethnic, religion and belief communities as well as persons with a migration background, call on them to show clear commitment on the proposed Horizontal Directive on equal treatment.


Roundtable on LGBTI Health in Paris

On 28 November 2014, ILGA-Europe organised the first Roundtable on LGBTI Health in Europe. The French Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Women’s Rights accepted to host the event.

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