ILGA-Europe defines itself as an LGBTI organisation and has always strived to incorporate trans issues into its lobbying activities.

ILGA-Europe’s specific work in the field of trans issues includes:

  • publication of a report on the Max Planck Institute legal survey on transsexuality in Europe (download it here);
  • organisation of workshops on trans themes during our annual conference as well as provision of scholarships for trans activists to take part in the conference;
  • research on trans people, who are also gay, lesbian and bisexual;
  • ILGA-Europe’s capacity building in the field of trans issues;
  • lobbying and advocacy actions/interventions and submissions to different European institutions, such as the OSCE, EU institutions, Council of Europe.

ILGA-Europe’s political discourse in most instances includes references to gender identity and gender expression in the same line with sexual orientation. Special attention is given to trans issues in our policy documents and guidelines.

For more information, contact Policy Director Silvan Agius.

Declaration of the Trans Rights Conference

The delegates at Trans Right Conference in prior the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference 2009 in Malta, agreed on the declaration below.

ILGA-Europe publications and resources

Find publications and resources from ILGA-Europe on transgender issues.

External resources on trans issues

In this section, we are gathering ressources on the topic.

Mailing list for trans issues and news

ILGA-Europe is facilitating and moderating a mailing list for information and about our work on this area.

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