Trans and intersex

In this section you can find out how ILGA-Europe is working on intersex and trans issues.

For the Strategic Plan 2011-2013, the Membership decided that ILGA-Europe should have a special focus on consolidating ILGA-Europe’s capacity to advance the rights of trans and intersex people.

ILGA-Europe’s long-term goal is to be an organisation that is fully inclusive and representative of trans and intersex people, acts as an advocate for trans and intersex rights at European level and empowers trans and intersex communities to self-organise.

To achieve this long-term aim, ILGA-Europe’s specific objectives over the next three years are:

  • To enable LGBTI organisations to be trans inclusive in their work (e.g. policy work, representation, and inclusive service provision) through awareness-raising and capacity-building activities
  • To ensure that ILGA-Europe has the necessary in-house expertise about intersex issues to properly integrate them into its work and activities and to develop long-term objectives
  • To continue to support and strengthen the partnership with trans organisations and to develop dialogue and partnership with intersex organisations,
  • To increase the expertise and organisational capacity of European and national LGBTI organisations to effectively advocate for trans and intersex rights and to inform European policy-making.

For more information on how ILGA-Europe is working on trans and intersex issues - contact Silvan Agius, Policy Director.


ILGA-Europe defines itself as an LGBTI organisation and has always strived to incorporate trans issues into its lobbying activities.


In the section you can find out how ILGA-Europe is working on intersex issues and learn the basics about what intersex means.

Thematic report on Discrimination against trans and intersex people on the grounds of sex, gender identity and gender expression, 2012

Authored by Silvan Agius, ILGA-Europe’s Policy Director and Professor Christa Tobler, Basel & Leiden Universities.

Recognition of the grounds of gender identity, gender expression and sex (intersex) at international, European and national levels

Find here a list of international documents that recognise the grounds of gender identity, gender expression and intersex status. The list has been gathered in September 2013.

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