Projects on hate crimes and hate speech

Find here information about projects on hate crime and hate speech.

ILGA-Europe project: Working with the police and challenging hate crimes in Europe 2008-2011

This project aims at the reinforcement of ILGA-Europe’s advocacy strategy in international and European institutions (the EU, the CoE and the OSCE). It also includes the development of tools specifically designed to facilitate engagement between LGBT organisations and police forces, to better tackle hate violence. ILGA-Europe’s project is funded by the Dutch government and also supported by the European Union.

Project by carried out by the DIHR: Tracing and Tackling Hate Crime against LGBT Persons

This section includes the main content of the project "Tracing and Tackling Hate crime Against LGBT Persons" which was carried out by the Danish Institut for Human Rights (DIHR) and its partners between November 2009 to June 2011. ILGA-Europe acted as evaluator of the project, and agreed to take over the main content of the project website as a resource for future work on hate crime and violence against LGBTI people.

Step up reporting on homophobic and transphobic violence

In 2013, with the support of ILGA-Europe’s Documentation and Advocacy Fund, 12 national LGBTI NGOs implemented a consistent reporting scheme on homophobic and transphobic incidents, focusing mainly on hate crime. In this article, you’ll find the 12 country reports produced as a result of the project.

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