ILGA-Europe works towards full recognition and equality of the diversity of families and family relations.

ILGA-Europe's position on LGBT families

ILGA-Europe strives for equality in law, public policies and practices relating to any form of partnership (including marriage, registered partnership and cohabitation) and parenting (reproductive rights, adoption, fostering and parental responsibility).

ILGA-Europe particularly strives for the elimination of restrictions on the rights and responsibilities of partners and parents based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Furthermore, ILGA-Europe supports an inclusive understanding of family that is not dependent only on the legal status of marriage or partnership but also on the recognition of de facto family links. Most importantly, the rights of the child are at the core and guiding ILGA-Europe’s demands for recognition of diverse families.

Beyond formal equality in law, policies and practices, ILGA-Europe calls for:

  • Comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation that does not contain exceptions based on marital and/or civil status.
  • Measures that address institutional LGBTIphobia as well as the heightened vulnerability to discrimination that same-sex/same-gender couples and their children may experience due to their visibility and their mismatch with cisnormative and heteronormative notions of family.
  • Mainstreaming of LGBTI/rainbow families in formal education, and public information materials thus addressing invisibility and promoting the notion that all families have equal value.
  • Visibility of LGBTI/rainbow families (with or without children) should be included in the media and elsewhere in society among other family forms.

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Recognition of relationships

In this section you find the demands of ILGA-Europe, information on legislation and case-law, public opinion and surveys and external resources on recognition of partnership.


In this section you find the demands of ILGA-Europe, information adoption by same-sex partners, legislation and case-law, public opinion and surveys on parenting rights in Europe.

Campaigns and events

Here you can find information about ILGA-Europe campaigns and events on LGBT family issues.

ILGA-Europe publications and resources on LGBTI families

Find publications and resources produced by ILGA-Europe related to LGBTI families here.

Mailing list for LGBTI family issues and news

ILGA-Europe is facilitating and moderating a mailing list for information and about our work, relevant news regarding LGBTI families, case-law, legal progress at national level etc.

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