Homophobic Bullying in Lithuanian Schools: Survey Results and Recommendations


Lithuanian member organisation, LGL, have released a publication on homophobic bullying in Lithuanian schools.

The publication, entitled 'Homophobic Bullying in Lithuanian Schools: Survey Results and Recommendations', shows that almost a quarter of teachers (23.3%) said that verbal bullying based on presumed or actual sexual orientation occurs often or very often.

LGL make several recommendations, including:

  • Raising teachers’ awareness of the fact that there are LGBT young people and students in their schools and that they face bullying and harassment
  • Educating teachers on how to provide support to these young people
  • Incorporating homophobic bullying into the general anti-bullying program
  • Ensuring that sexual education is taught in school
  • Creating support and informational systems for students

The full publication is available to download as a PDF file here.

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