Monitoring EU Asylum law

ILGA-Europe is determined to better monitor the implementation of European Union law, in order to report violations to the European institutions. ILGA-Europe is also willing to facilitate exchanges of experience and information between LGBT organisations dealing with asylum issues, in order to help them to frame their advocacy at national level, including their mobilisation strategies in case of emergencies.

All the pieces of EU legislation on asylum are currently being recast through a slow process. The issues at stake are quite controversial among EU Member States, which makes the whole legislative work longer. It is hard to say when the new legislative provisions will eventually be adopted.

Among the texts currently being negotiated in the EU institutions, ILGA-Europe pays a special attention to:

  • The recast Qualification Directive 2011/95/EU. This Directive recognises sexual orientation and gender identity as reasons for persecution, and moreover it is the first EU Directive ever to expressively mention gender identity. Read more about the Directive here.
  • the establishment of a European Asylum Support Office (EASO). The regulation that will create the EASO has already been discussed by the European Parliament. The EASO has been established in 2011, and it has various missions, including an important mission in terms of training national asylum officers.

Several other texts will also be recast, including:

The recast Qualification Directive 2011/95/EU

Read more about the recast Qualification Directive 2011/95/EU and download the full text here.

The recast of the EU asylum Procedure and Reception Directives, July 2011

Find and download this policy paper which builds on a previous policy paper published by ILGA-Europe in January 2011. Read moreover about the key demands from ILGA-Europe and what you as a member organisation can do.

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