Dealing with individual cases of LGBT asylum seekers, and emergencies

What ILGA-Europe can do, and especially what we sadly can not do...

ILGA-Europe does not have resources to deal with all individual cases and emergencies, as dramatic as they often are. This generally requires a deep knowledge of national asylum law, as well as an efficient mobilisation strategy at national level.

Nonetheless, we believe we can have an added value, whenever an expertise on EU law is needed. Similarly, it can happen that providing help to LGBT asylum seekers requires cooperation between NGOs of two or more European countries. In such situations, ILGA-Europe can provide assistance, by facilitating contacts between our members. Are you looking for national LGBT organisations? Go to our Country-by-country section...

One of our objectives is also to facilitate the dialogue between LGBT organisations to help our members to better articulate their arguments when preparing claims for asylum or mobilising against threats of deportation.

In addition, these exchanges are also helpful to frame our political positions as regards the different EU directives and regulations. The EU legislation provides minimum standards of protection for asylum seekers, and of obligations for the Member States. In a lot of EU Member States, even this minimal level of protection is not correctly ensured. It is essential for the European NGOs to be able to communicate with the EU institutions on the ground of existing evidence of violations. These institutions have the mission to ensure a correct implementation of EU law.

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