Pride events in Europe

In this section we are providing a list of events taking place across Europe, as well as various useful sources for those organising or considering organising Pride events in their countries.

For the last couple of years the issue of freedom of assembly for LGBT people actualised in various countries of Central and Eastern Europe where LGBT people are organising their first Pride events. These events plus a wave of homophobia by Christian fundamentalists, ultra nationalists and conservatives, are changing perception of Pride events in other European countries where Pride events are peacefully taking place for many years and for many people in these countries pride events are getting a new meaning of solidarity, fight for equality and human rights with a new strength.

LGBT Rights - Freedom of Assembly: diary of events by country (August 2008)

This "diary of events" chronicles the attempts of LGBT communities in the region to exercise their right to freedom of assembly, and the opposition they have met. It is intended as an authoritative record of these events, and as a resource for those working for the rights of the LGBT community in this field, whether LGBT activists, human rights organisations, or parliamentarians and staff in the European institutions.

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