Take action ! United against LGBT discrimination in Eastern Europe

The project set out an advocacy strategy aiming to support partner organisations to produce evidence of discrimination, and working with them in using it to lobby European institutions.

The objective was, through a concerted and carefully planned approach, to intensify pressure on national governments to take action against discrimination, thereby accelerating progress in achieving rights for the LGBT community in Eastern Europe.

Overall project goal - to advocate for improvement of the legal and social position of LGBT people in the Balkans and Western Newly Independent States (NIS).



to build the capacity of the project partners in the fields of advocacy and documentation of human rights violations against LGBT people by means of training, coaching and consultancy


to collect evidence of legal and social discrimination against LGBT people in the project countries by documenting social attitudes, experiences of discrimination and breaches of international human rights standards


to advocate at national and European level for action by the respective governments to address discrimination against LGBT people

Achieved results

  • Increased knowledge and skills of project partners in advocacy planning and implementation, lobbying European institutions and documenting human rights violations.
  • Raised awareness of the European and national policy makers on the rights of LGBT people and sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination in project countries. ILGA-Europe has strengthened its ties with the European institutions, successfully advocating with the EU and the Council of Europe, and being a well-recognised and visible actor at the OSCE.
  • Well-established networks and alliances between project partners and other human rights organizations, and recognition of the first as strong and capable actors in the field of human rights and equality.
  • Increased visibility of and services for the LGBT community (including free legal aid).

The partnership with ILGA-Europe was essential in this success and its consultancy, capacity building role as well as advocacy actions taken at the European level have been highly appreciated by all project partners. ILGA-Europe as a pan-European umbrella organisation for LGBT groups continues to develop its role as a capacity builder and funder and this project significantly contributed to advancement of this role.

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