Empowerment and capacity building of Russian LGBT organisations

Activists from Coming-Out, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Activists from Coming-Out, Saint Petersburg, Russia

In 2009, ILGA-Europe started the project with the full project title Enhancing pluralism and combating discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Russia.

The project finished in the end of 2011.

The project in short...


Russia (in particular the cities of Saint Petersburg, Tyumen (Western Siberia), Petrozavodsk (Karelia), Moscow).



Overall objective - to contribute to enhancing pluralism and combating discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Russia. The specific objective is to empower and build the capacity of Russian LGBT organisations to advocate for the improvement of the legal and social position of LGBT people.



Main partners:Russian LGBT Network (based in St. Petersburg) and Rainbow Fond (based in Moscow)

Regional organisations: Krug Karelia (Petrozavodsk), Rainbow House (Tyumen), Coming Out (St. Petersburg - activists on the picture)



LGBT organisations will be better able to advocate for, and defend, the human rights of LGBT people in Russia.


Main activities is planned for the project

  • Training for the Network staff and board members, and for members of other LGBT organisations, over the 3-year period in financial and staff management, fundraising, running an effective board (including teamwork, strategic/advocacy planning) – provided by local resource centres
  • Training seminars for human rights defenders from Russia covering the themes of organising freedom of assembly events in difficult environments, documenting human rights violations, monitoring hate crimes and planning and organising advocacy campaigns (including strategic litigation)
  • A national-level advocacy plan for promotion of human rights of LGBT people will be produced and nation-wide advocacy activities implemented
  • Regional advocacy activities will be conducted in three selected regions (Petrozavodsk, Tyumen, St. Petersburg)
  • Reports on human rights violations of LGBT people in Russia will be published and disseminated for advocacy purposes in Russia and to international organisations
  • Study visits to European institutions, GenderDoc-M (Moldova) and RFSL (Sweden)


Activities so far...in 2009 and 2010:

  • Setting up 3 offices; hiring 10 people
  • Setting-up legal & psychological services
  • Organizational Development Seminars
  • Study Visit Moldova
  • Study Visit to the European Insitutions (Brussels)
  • Developing and Training on Human Rights Violation Documentation System
  • Development of Monitoring Framework
  • Council of Europe Study Visit


Important to know about the project!

Most project activities will be implemented at the national and local level, ILGA-Europe’s role is limited to capacity building in the field of advocacy and human rights (study visits, trainings, also in partnership with HURIDOCS, RFSL, GenderDoc-M, etc.), overall project management, monitoring and evaluation, attracting expertise of other international organisations

The project is realized with financial assistance from the European Union, the Civil Rights Defenders and the Open Society Insitute.
Any publication produced or statement made within the framework of the project are the sole responsibility of ILGA-Europe and its project partners and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union, the Civil Rights Defenders or the Open Society Institute.

The Russian LGBT Network

The Russian LGBT Network is an inter-regional public movement of Russia dealing with questions of human rights defense and social adaptation of sexual and gender minorities.

Coming Out

Read about one of the Russian partner organisations, Coming Out, which is working in St. Petersburg. Check out also some of the materials they have produced (only in Russian).


Read about one of the Russian partner organisations, Krug-Karelia, which is based in Petrozavodsk.

Rainbow House

Read about one of the Russian partner organisations, Rainbow House, which is based in Tyumen.

Cooperation partners

ILGA-Europe is proud to cooperate with HURIDOCS and the MOSCOW HELSINKI GROUP - MHG in the implementation of this project.

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