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There are barriers to accessing health care that are specific to LGBT people. Those barriers experienced by other populations, e.g. lack of resources, geographic and social isolation, lack of information about and/or fear of medical procedures etc. may also pertain to LGBT people.

However those which are specific to many LGBT include the fear of discrimination and stigma, which act to prevent them from seeking care for themselves or their families. Once in care LGBT people may withhold personal information that health care providers need in order to be able to give appropriate care.

In late 2003 ILGA-Europe started a project titled “Integration of LGBT Health Issues into State Health Policy in Central and Eastern Europe.” In order to develop an appropriate strategy that would achieve the objective encapsulated in the title we recognised the need for information in the following areas:

  • Specific health-related needs of the LGBT community;
  • Discrimination and other barriers to access of health care,
  • The status of health policy, including how policy is formulated, and the organisation of health care systems.

For project implementation ILGA-Europe has partnered with LGBT organisations in five countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Hungary, Moldova and Macedonia. The partners with support of ILGA-Europe have carried out a research first in three countries (phase 1: Moldova, Romania and Hungary) and then in two more countries (phase 2: Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina). Our goal was to focus on documenting the perceptions and experiences of the LGBT community rather that struggling to produce findings that would withstand scientific scrutiny.

The project was finalized in July, 2006 in the workshop “Using Data to Advocate for LGBT Health”, which was held for the project partners in Budapest. The goal of the workshop was to develop partner’s capacity in using the report findings for advocacy at the national and international level, and to develop common advocacy strategies.

The final report “Accessing Health: The Context and Challenges for LGBT People in Central and Eastern Europe” will be distributed by post to key decision makers in autumn of 2006. You can order printed copies of the report at our web-site: At the same link you can also download the electronic version of it. For additional information about the project you can contact ILGA-Europe’s Programmes Director Maxim Anmeghichean at:

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Project Workshop, July 2006, Budapest

In this section you will find documents from a workshop organised by ILGA-Europe within the health project frame in July 2006 in Budapest.

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