Workshop with Youth Sexual Awareness for Europe (YSAFE), February 2013

On 9 February 2013, ILGA-Europe was invited to do a workshop session on advocacy at the Annual Meeting of the Youth Sexual Awareness for Europe (YSAFE) - the youth network of the IPPF European Network.

Statement from the organisers of the Annual Meeting of YSAFE:

The YSAFE Annual Meeting brings together YSAFE members from across Europe and Central Asia with the aim to share knowledge and experiences, build capacity and plan network activities for the year ahead.The Annual Meeting 2013 took place from 8-10 February in Brussels and aimed to build members’ capacity to ‘advance the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of LGBTI people in Europe and Central Asia’. With excellent facilitation and support from Faika El-Nagashi from ILGA-Europe and using the ‘Rainbow Map’, YSAFE members discussed the LGBTI rights situation across the very diverse region of Europe and Central Asia and shared their experiences and challenges in addressing the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of LGBTI people in their countries. Using the ‘six steps to effective LGBTI Human Rights advocacy’, members were equipped with knowledge and tools to address and advocate for LGBTI rights in their countries. Draft campaigns including one minute messages and slogans were developed focused on legal recognition for gender identities, raising awareness among religious leaders and combating stigma and discrimination of LGBTI people (especially bullying in schools). The expertise and support from ILGA-Europe as well as the existing resources and tools were very much appreciated by all members and YSAFE and IPPF EN look forward to continue the cooperation where possible.

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