Developing the LGBTI movement

Find information about how ILGA-Europe is working to develop the European LGBTI movement through various specific projects.

Moreover you can also find useful resources and information for new LGBTI groups and already well established LGBTI organisations.

ILGA-Europe is a member based organisation, and a lot of our work is done in close cooperation with national and regional LGBTI organisations across Europe.

Capacity Development is therefore one of the five strategies ILGA-Europe uses to achieve our organisational aims, which on this area are…to maximise efficiency and the use of resources by LGBTI organisations in working towards achievement of their goals; to maximise the impact of advocacy work at the European level; to ensure sustainability of the LGBTI movement in Europe.

With this section we share information about:

Moreover the section includes resources on how to…:

  • create a group or an organisation
  • sustain your group
  • do advocacy and lobbying work
  • fundraise
  • work with the media
  • general raise awareness about LGBTI issues

Do you have information about resources, funding opportunities or other useful materials that we can add, then do not hesitate to contact Nanna Moe, Communications Officer.

Projects that work with developing LGBTI organisations

Find information about projects that ILGA-Europe is currently running.

ILGA-Europe trainings and study sessions on capacity building

See descriptions and pictures from events ILGA-Europe has organised or co-organised.

Funding opportunities

In this section we have gathered information on various programmes and organisations which provides funds to non-governmental organisations working with LGBTI issues in Europe.

Do let us know if there is more we can add to this section - contact Nanna Moe, Communications Officer.

Resources on capacity building

In this section we are gather useful resources and information for new groups and already well established organisations on what do you need to do to create a group, how to ensure your group survives, what is fundraising and how best to attract resources for your work.

Please let us know if you have any other useful suggestion - contact Nanna Moe, Communications Officer.

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