How we work

Developing the LGBTI movement

Find information about how ILGA-Europe is working to develop the European LGBTI movement through various specific projects.

Moreover you can also find useful resources and information for new LGBTI groups and already well established LGBTI organisations.

Working with the European Institutions

Find information about initiatives from ILGA-Europe and how we are currently working with the European institutions – the European Union, the Council of Europe and Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Strategic litigation in the European Courts

In this section, you can find information about strategic litigation and how ILGA-Europe is working with this in the European courts. Moreover you can find resources for strategic litigation and links to relevant websites.

ILGA-Europe as a funder

Find information about the ILGA-Europe Documentation and Advocacy Fund - what we found, who we fund and what projects that have been funded in the past.

Previous projects

In this section you will find information about previous ILGA-Europe's campaigns and projects

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