Relevance to LGBT rights

The OSCE provides a European wide forum for raising LGBT issues in the context of the OSCE’s mandate on the human dimension. 

Although not a treaty organisation where States take on legal obligations when they join the OSCE is a political organisation that seeks to exercise authority through political pressure on those States that do not live up to the commitment they make to human rights and the rule of law when they join the organisation. 

The OSCE’s relevance to LGBT rights has increased in the past year as the OSCE has taken on an expanded mandate in the area of tolerance and non-discrimination.  Although not all OSCE States agree that LGBT people should be included in the new mandate, many OSCE Missions and institutions are open to the involvement of LGBT people in the tolerance programme.  


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ILGA-Europe’s advocacy at the OSCE

Find in this section resources related to hate crime and information on ILGA-Europe's advocacy work at the OSCE - Organization for Security and Co-orperation in Europe.

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