Council of Europe and LGBTI rights

This section highlights how the Council of Europe addressed the rights of LGBT people and in particular how the European Convention of Human Rights was used to advance the rights of LGBT poeple in Europe.

General information about how Council of Europe works in regarding to LGBT rights

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Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers on LGBT rights

In March 2010 the 47 member states of the Council of Europe agreed to take a broad range of measures to combat sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination. These measures are set out in a Council of Europe Recommendation, which is the world's first comprehensive intergovernmental agreement on the rights of LGBT people.

Recommendations of the Parliamentary Assembly

The Parliamentary Assembly has since 1981 passed a number of recommendations and a resolution supporting LGBT rights.

Find links to all the relevant for LGBT rights recommendations and resolutions here.

European Court of Human Rights and litigation

Find in this section information about cases that have relevance to LGBTI issues. Moreover you can find links to resources that gives a good overview of litigation in this court, download written comments from ILGA-Europe and partners, and finally find media releases and news about cases from the court.

Commissioner for Human Rights and LGBT issues

The Commissioner for Human Rights have made several of valuable contributions to LGBT rights.

Find links and other relevant information here.


European convention on violence against women to include protection for lesbian, bisexual and trans women

The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe announced yesterday that it adopted a new convention to protect women from violence on 6 April 2011. ILGA-Europe regards this as a major step forward in the fight against gender-based violence and towards full protection of women across Europe from both domestic violence and in other circumstances such as violence in public places, forced marriage, rape, ‘honour’ crimes and genital mutilation.

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