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There are many excellent projects being planned and carried out around Europe. Share your experience, be inspired and be inspiration for others!

We hope this section will become useful for the new organisations and already established groups just seeking new ideas, inspirations and partners. You do not have to re-invent the wheel, somebody somewhere most probably have already done something similar!

We also hope this section will become a useful tool for building new contacts and inspire projects between groups and individuals in different European countries as well as between organisations working on various areas of equality and non-discrimination.


20/09/2014 -20/09/2015
Orlando Mollica


10/09/2014 -10/10/2014
Fundación Triángulo

LGBT Denmark wants your wedding photos

01/09/2014 -31/10/2014
LGBT Denmark

Please participate in an online study about sex and relationships. Receive personalized feedback.

25/05/2013 -31/08/2013
David de Jong - University of Rochester Relationships Lab

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