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Here you can submit links relevant to such issues as LGBT rights, equality, non-discrimination and justice in Europe. We regret we cannot publish links of commercial and erotical nature. This means the links from LGBT travel agencies, clubs, cafes etc or containing materials and/or images of erotic and/or pornographic will not be displayed.
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At Least 2 People Beaten Up For Being Gay In Belgrade In The Last 2 Weeks

While marriage equality is on the rise throughout the United States and some countries in the EU, LGBT people in Serbia are still being beaten up every day for “being gay”.

LGBT United Tetovo Macedonia

LGBT United Tetovo is a non-governmental, non-profitable and multiethnic organization that incorporates members from different ethnical, religious, and social and education background. Registred in 16 of May 2012 in Tetovo.


TransAmsterdam is a transgender organization, works on the rights, equality and justice for transgenders. In 2014 TransAmsterdam organize the first Amsterdam TransPride to make transgenders more visible in the LGB community.

CroL - LGBT News portal

Croatian LGBT News portal | News, politics, activism, lifestyle, parenting, health, culture

lgbti news and groups in turkey

LGBT retirement home: the end of the rainbow

The Guardian: Europe’s first LGBT retirement home, a modest 80s apartment block in Stockholm, gives gay people a friendly place in which to grow old. It’s the start of a growing trend

Associazione culturale La Porta

Associazione Culturale La PortaOur association exists since 2006 and is located in the mountain between Bologna and Florence. We organize cultural events and workshop for lesbians and women all the year long. It's possibile to visit us also if the...

Good As You(th)

Good As You(th), LGBTIQ Youth Community of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Historia Ime (ProLGBT) (My Story) is the first attempt to establish a news portal in Albania as an independent voice on human rights issues, only.

Rainbow ball

All informations about the anually rainbow ball in Slovakia.

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