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Representatives from members and ILGA-Europe staff and board in Tallinn 2010

In this section you will find information on how you can become ILGA member, what are the types of memberships we have.

How to become a member

If your organisation wants to become a member of ILGA – please submit your applications on ILGA website. Please keep in mind that ILGA website currently does not call this process ‘membership application’ or ‘become a member of ILGA’ but rather ‘Register Your Group’. Here is a short explanation of the applications process ILGA office provided us with:

Becoming a member of ILGA is a 4 steps process on You can access it by clicking on the “Log in” on the upper right side of the website. Please note you need to log off between each step.

1. You should first register the person who will act as contact between ILGA and your group. While doing so, you will set a log in combination (email and password)

2. Log in on and click on the button: “Register your group”. Here you will be asked to provide your group details.

3. Log in and click on “Become a member” and then “We apply to become a member of ILGA”.

4. ILGA’s World board will consider your application: an answer should be sent to you no later than two months after you’ve sent your application.

However, before you go straight to application form, you might find useful to read some explanations about membership system at ILGA.


Membership for organisations

According to ILGA Constitution there are two membership categories and membership is only available for organisations:

  • Full membership
  • Associate membership

Full membership is open to

  • non-profit organisations representing LGBTI people, their culture or providing exclusive service to or support for them
  • branches of the above mentioned organisations
  • non-profit groups representing LGBTI people within other organisations

Associated membership is open to all other organisations which support the aims and objectives of ILGA. These are normally commercial LGBTI organisations, governmental organisations, or non-LGBTI voluntary organisations.


ILGA or ILGA-Europe?

By becoming a member of ILGA, an organisation from a particular region is automatically linked to that region of ILGA. That means all European members of ILGA are automatically linked to ILGA-Europe and can participate and vote both at the ILGA World Conference and at the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference.

The membership process (applications, decision, and payments) are being maintained and administered by ILGA office and not by the ILGA-Europe’s office. ILGA office provides ILGA-Europe with regular updates on membership information in Europe.


How much does it cost to be a member organisation of ILGA/ILGA-Europe?

Fullmembership: in December 2010, ILGA World Conference in San Paulo decided:

  • 150 € for organisations located in classified as ‘high income revenue’ by the World Bank, you can always check how you country is classified on World Bank website
  • 30 € for organisations located in countries which are classified other than ‘high income revenue’
  • Larger organisations with annual budget over 200,000 € are encouraged to pay 300 € per year whenever they may be.

Associated membership

  • 300 € for organisations located in countries classified as ‘high income e revenue’ by the World Bank
  • 60 € for organisations located in countries classified other than ‘high income revenue’ by the World Bank.


Can an individual join ILGA?

There is no individual membership at ILGA. However, an individual can become a ‘supporter’ or a ‘friend’ of ILGA. ‘Supporter’ is an individual who register at ILGA website and ‘friend’ is an individual who registered at ILGA website and donated to the organisation. You can become supporter and friend on ILGA website by filling the form under the heading ‘Become an ILGA Supporter!’


Application process

Once your organisation submitted an application to become a member of ILGA, ILGA office (and not ILGA-Europe office) processes it. All applications for membership from organisations in Europe are being reviewed and approved by ILGA Executive Board with prior consultations with ILGA-Europe. The decisions on membership are taken by ILGA Executive Board (not ILGA-Europe Executive Board). Such decisions are taken places a few times per year.

Once a decision has been taken, ILGA office will contact you to confirm that your organisation is full/associate member of ILGA (you will receive membership certificate) or your membership application has been denied and will explain why.

Membership applications are ratified initially on a provisional basis by the ILGA Executive Board, but are subject to final decision by the World Conference.


Any question regarding your membership application or membership status?

As all membership process is being fully processed and administered by ILGA and not ILGA-Europe, please contact ILGA office if you have any questions regarding ILGA membership or if you want to become a member of ILGA:

Phone 0032-2-502 24 71 or Write an email

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