Relationship to ILGA

Are ILGA and ILGA-Europe not the same? Read here for more information.

ILGA in a brief...

ILGA, the International Lesbian and Gay Association, was founded in 1978, with the objective of working for the equality of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals around the world. This mandate was later extended to include transgender people, and again in 2008 to include intersex people. ILGA has an office in Brussels.

Check out the website of ILGA here.


ILGA and its regions...

ILGA has 6 regions:

  • Pan Africa ILGA
  • ILGA-ANZAPI (Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia and Pacific Islands)
  • ILGA-Asia
  • ILGA-LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean)
  • ILGA-North America
  • ILGA-Europe

See what countries the regions covers here.


So what is the difference between ILGA and ILGA-Europe?

ILGA and ILGA-Europe are often mistakenly seen as only one and the same organisation. ILGA-Europe is a region of ILGA, and was created in 1996, with the aim to work for equality for LGBTI people in Europe - which is the 50 countries defined by the Council of Europe including the Vatican State, Kosovo and Belarus. However as it is a region of ILGA, ILGA-Europe shares the overall objectives.

By becoming a member of ILGA, an organisation from a particular region is automatically linked to that region of ILGA. That means all European members of ILGA are automatically linked to ILGA-Europe and can participate and vote both at the ILGA World Conference and at the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference.

The membership process (applications, decision, and payments) are being maintained and administered by ILGA office and not by the ILGA-Europe’s office. ILGA office provides ILGA-Europe with regular updates on membership information in Europe.

ILGA-Europe is a legal entity in its own right, and is registered as an international not-for-profit organisation in Belgium.

Read more here on how your organisation can become member of ILGA.

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