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Find here the issues of the most frequently asked questions. Make sure to read them before contacting us - maybe you can find an answer right here...

Students or researchers

ILGA-Europe appreciates research carried out on LGBTI issues. However we have limited capacity to answer and help the many enquiries we get. We have a website with lots of information – please check if your question(s) can be answered online before contacting us. If you do not find the information, then make sure that you formulate your question(s) specific as possible.


Asylum seekers

Giving advice on asylum generally requires a deep knowledge of national asylum law, as well as an efficient mobilisation strategy at national level. However to help with basic knowledge for each European countries, ILGA-Europe has developed a legal tool and a practical resource on LGBTI asylum in Europe. Find it here.

For individual cases ILGA-Europe can provide assistance by facilitating contacts between our members. Are you looking for national LGBTI organisations? Go to our Country-by-country section.

ILGA-Europe is determined to better monitor the implementation of EU law, in order to report violations to the European institutions. ILGA-Europe is also willing to facilitate exchanges of experience and information between LGBTI organisations dealing with asylum issues, in order to help them to frame their advocacy at national level, including their mobilisation strategies in case of emergencies.

Look for more information here about ILGA-Europe’s work on Asylum.


Facts on national legislation

ILGA-Europe is an umbrella organisation, and we work on a European level. We have a section on our website, where you can find a legal summary, links to national LGBTI organisations and other information on each of the European countries. Look for more here in our Country-by-Country section.


Marriage or registered partnership abroad

It requires a thorough knowledge of national legislation to be able to give advice on this issue. We therefore suggest that you decide which country you would like to reside in prior to entering into a marriage / partnership, and then try to contact national LGBTI organisations to get advice. Read more in our country-by-country section on our website where you can find a legal summary, links to national LGBTI organisations and other information on each of the European countries.

While there is the right of freedom of movement in EU, this right does not require EU member states to mutually recognise same-sex marriages/ partnerships. What this means in practice is that while you are able to reside in all EU countries, not necessarily all of them will recognise your rights as married/registered couple. In some countries you might loose your rights if the country does not legally recognise same-sex marriage/partnership. Moreover, your civil status and a set of right will depend on your new country. For example, if you are married and coming to a country which only has or recognises only registered partnerships, you will enjoy only those rights which allocated to registered partners in this county.

Read more about the work of ILGA-Europe on recognition of relationships here.


Promotion of LGBTI related events and other LGBTI related information

ILGA-Europe is aiming to have a website with as much information on European LGBTI issues as possible with the focus on equality and rights of LGBTI people. We recommend to share your event or information on our website via our Notice Board on our website, then it would be featured as soon as we have moderated it.


Outside Europe

ILGA-Europe is the European branch of ILGA (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association). We work with various European institutions and LGBTI organisations in the 49 European countries – 47 covered by the Council of Europe and Belarus and Kosovo. We do not work in regions or countries outside Europe, and we recommend you to contact the worldwide organisation, ILGA. Have a look at the ILGA website.


Internships at ILGA-Europe

ILGA-Europe does not offer an intern programme. But we will make sure to advertise if there is any opening in our Job Opportunity section.



The ILGA World secretariat administrates the membership. We advise you to contact the ILGA World secretariat for any enquiries on this matter. You can find the contact information and get more information about the membership procedure in our Become a Member section here.

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